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Travel website Vawn Voyage features travel articles and blogs from around the world, including destinations in South Pacific, from writer Vawn Himmelsbach.

Tahitian dream

When Maui Ciucci tells me we’re going swimming with humpback whales, I don’t fully grasp what’s going on. We’re in a small boat, cruising through the aquamarine lagoon around Moorea, French Polynesia, which is...
Tahiti off the resort

Discovering Tahiti’s treasures—off the resort

As I round the back of the house, in search of a salle de bain, I run into three young girls—my host’s daughters—playing with dolls and listening to the radio. “J’aime la musique,” one...
6 ways to explore Tahiti

5 ways to explore French Polynesia

Tahiti is an island, but it also refers to the region’s 118 islands and atolls that make up French Polynesia. If you visit, don’t limit yourself to one island or one resort—Tahiti is meant...


Vawn Himmelsbach is a journalist, travel writer and tech blogger based in Toronto.


Durban, South Africa

6 things to dig into in Durban, South Africa

Durban is designed for adventure, with miles of sandy beaches along its rugged coastline and mountains just a few hours’ drive away. To the...