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Read about top travel destinations in Europe on travel website Vawn Voyage, with articles by travel writer Vawn Himmelsbach.

Unleash the Dalmatians

Medieval towns, seaside olive groves, vineyards on craggy mountains, fields of rosemary — it sounds like France or Italy, but this is Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast. While it’s not exactly a secret anymore, I can...

Tour du Mont Blanc: Trek bravely on a multi-country European adventure

My fingers feel like Popsicle sticks. I’m wearing every layer of clothing in my pack, but I have a chill in my bones I can’t seem to shake. I’m on a winding mountain path...
Berlin, Germany

Berlin: Germany’s creative capital

Nov. 9, 2019 marks the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, the peaceful revolution when repression gave way to creativity, and an influx of artists and activists gave the city its...
Tuscany, Italy

Members-only in Tuscany

It was dark and drizzly, but that didn’t dampen the mood. Maybe it was the Chianti we were drinking, or the tranquil Tuscan countryside—or maybe it was the pizza. We had just spent the...
Florence city style

City style: Formidable Firenze

Florence is known for its medieval architecture, leather shops and Michelangelo’s David; it’s also home to some of Italy’s legendary brands, like Gucci, Salvatore Ferragamo, Emilio Pucci and Roberto Cavalli. While it’s long been...
food & drink in Tuscany

How to eat and drink like a local in Tuscany

For foodies, Tuscany tops the travel bucket list—and not just for the pizza and pasta. Italy is known for its regional specialties, and in Tuscany, it’s all about simplicity. Thanks to the area’s fertile...
Madrid culinary scene

City break: Madrid, Spain

You don’t need to wine-and-dine at a fancy restaurant or fashionable bar to get a taste of the sophisticated Spanish capital—just step into one of its many food markets. Madrid has a thing for renewing...
search for hygge in Copenhagen

The lightness of being: On the search for hygge in Copenhagen

I'm looking at a dustpan, trying to decide if I should buy it, when I start imagining the conversation I’d have at Canadian customs when asked what I’m bringing back. A dustpan? I imagine...
Cruising Greece and Turkey

Discovering the sea less travelled in Greece and Turkey

There are no swaying palm trees here, no powder-white sand. There isn’t a single hotel or resort in sight, no striped umbrellas or beach bars or sunbathing tourists. Instead, the deep-blue sea is surrounded...
Greece & Turkey

5 islands to visit near Greece and Turkey

The Aegean Sea—an arm of the Mediterranean between Greece and Turkey—brings to mind the whitewashed, blue-domed buildings of Santorini or the party scene of Mykonos. While they’re stunners, they’re also jam-packed with tourists. So...


Vawn Himmelsbach is a journalist, travel writer and tech blogger based in Toronto.


Durban, South Africa

6 things to dig into in Durban, South Africa

Durban is designed for adventure, with miles of sandy beaches along its rugged coastline and mountains just a few hours’ drive away. To the...