Monday, October 18, 2021

North America

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Eau Claire Distillery, Calgary

8 places to eat and drink in Calgary

Many visitors simply pass through town on their way to Banff or Jasper. But the city is emerging as a culinary travel destination with a slew of new and notable restaurants — so it’s well...
Fernie, B.C.

The best of Fernie, B.C., in three days

This classic ski town in the Canadian Rockies is known for its legendary powder. But you don’t have to be a seasoned skier to enjoy all that Fernie has to offer. Here’s what to...

Newfoundland: Open water, open mind

“So be easy and free, when you’re drinking with me, I’m a man you don’t meet every day …” I’m listening to musician Alan Doyle of Great Big Sea—but not on Spotify. He’s sitting...
Kissimmee, Florida

Air-ventures in Kissimmee

I’m in an airboat, on the edge of the Everglades. Spanish moss drips from cypress trees, reflected in water as clear as glass under a cloudless Florida sky. Watching great egrets and roseate spoonbills,...
RGE RD, Edmonton

8 places to eat and drink in Edmonton

People travel to Paris and Lima and Hong Kong for the food; they don’t typically consider Edmonton as a culinary travel destination. But that may be about to change, as Alberta’s capital emerges as...
Las Vegas Uncork'd

Vegas Uncork’d unveils latest culinary hotspots

At one time Las Vegas was synonymous with free drinks and $4.99 all-you-can-eat buffets. After all, you didn’t come here for the food; you came here to gamble. Times have changed. Now tourists come...
feast + revel dining at Andaz Ottawa

Andaz Ottawa serves up modern Canadiana

How do you make a Canadian cocktail even more Canadian? Rim the glass with finely crushed ketchup chips (yes, that’s a flavour you won’t find outside our borders), and then add Canada’s own Walter...
LIB festival Las Vegas

LIB-ing it up in Las Vegas

The doors close and I’m trapped inside. There’s no leaving now, not without a public heckling from the guys on stage. I came here to be entertained—not be part of the entertainment as part...
Montreal cafes, Crew Collective & Café

Exploring Montreal, one café at a time

I’m on a coffee tour with Thom Seivewright, who is half-French and half-English, and likes to say his blood type is ‘maple syrup.’ For him, Montreal’s neighbourhoods are anchored by their cafés—and they’re a...
PEI culinary travel

Tasting menu: A culinary road trip through P.E.I.

I’m pretty sure I’m lost. I’m driving down a dirt lane, in the middle of the woods; I can see a patch of blue ahead of me—the ocean—where the road appears to end. The...


Vawn Himmelsbach is a journalist, travel writer and tech blogger based in Toronto.


Durban, South Africa

6 things to dig into in Durban, South Africa

Durban is designed for adventure, with miles of sandy beaches along its rugged coastline and mountains just a few hours’ drive away. To the...